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Customer Rewards

Dear Potential Customer,

Five Aces Plumbing has a developed a new program for our customers who are happy with our service and would like to recommend us to other people.

In any business a company must allocate money in their operating budget to cover advertising. What Five Aces Plumbing would like to do is, instead of giving that money to say the Yellow Pages or some other form of advertising; we would like to give that money back to you, the customer who recommends us to other people. More than ever, in these difficult economic times we think this program will benefit everyone who gets involved.

The program works like this:

  1. After your conversion is complete you will be entered in our monthly drawing For a gift card for $150.00 To ROTHMANNS STEAK HOUSE in East Norwich N.Y.(Conversion Jobs Automatically Get 3 Entries in Drawing)
  2. Then If you are happy with our service recommend us to someone else.
  3. If they use our services, we will send you a check for 5% of the job minus sales tax up to a $3,000.00 Job.
  4. Any jobs above $3000.00 Total will be a flat rate of $200.00 per job to you.
  5. Also for every recommendation you will also recieve 2 additional chances to win our monthly drawing.
  6. You may recommend us as many times as you want and receive Payment & additional chances to win.
  7. Every month we will have a drawing with raffle tickets in the amount of times you have recommended us.
  8. The more you recommend us the better your chances of winning our monthly drawing for a $150.00 gift certificate.
  9. So for instance if you recommended us 5 times that month you will have 10 chances to win as where a person recommending us 2 times will only have 4 chances to win.
  10. We will post the winners name on our web site at the begining of every month.
  11. Remember to make sure you register for this program by either calling us at 631-775-7640 or go our Contact Page and fill out the form on the page with your information and remember to make sure the person you recommend tells us your name.
  12. The person answering our phones will also ask the person calling who referred them.
  13. We will also call you to confirm that we received your recommendation. If you don’t here from us please call us to confirm your Recommendation. We want to make sure you get the rewards your entitled too!!!

We look forward to hearing from you. If you have any questions or comments on how to make this program better feel free to contact us.


The Staff at Five Aces Plumbing & Heating Corp.

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