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Going Tankless in Long Island

As red-blooded American plumbers in Long Island, we get as excited as the next guy when we hear abou...

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What is Your Water Meter Telling You?

In a previous blog, we had listed the signs your home gives when there is there is a slab leak under...

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Slab Leaks: The Cancer of Plumbing

Slab leaks are to home ownership as cancer is to a body; its presence can go unnoticed for long peri...

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What Not to Flush

Don’t believe it. Not for a minute. Don’t buy into the hype when those marketing gurus c...

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How to Know When It’s Time for a New Water Heater

To repair or replace is a question that often comes up with almost any question of home maintenance...

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3 Things the Plumbing Industry Hopes Homeowners Continue to do

Let’s face it. There are plumbing needs and then there are plumbing needs. The nature of plumb...

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3 Sets of Questions – Long Island Gas Conversions

Here are 3 sets of important questions for you: Have you been having trouble with your coal-induced...

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Part 2 – Water Boilers – Plumbers in Long Island

Fixing and completely replacing a hot water boiler heater in our beautiful Long Island is something...

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Part One – Water Boilers – Plumbers in Long Island

Do you own a rental home or two in Long Island and need some plumbing work or maintenance done to it...

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Nasty Leaks are an Emergency – Long Island Plumbing

Have you experienced a few faulty pipes in your basement and have seen the leaks get worse and worse...

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