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What is Your Water Meter Telling You?

plumbers long island In a previous blog, we had listed the signs your home gives when there is there is a slab leak under its foundation. Because there can be other causes of those cracked baseboards or bubbling linoleum, it’s important to understand more about slab leaks and how to investigate them further. After the initial and somewhat suspicious signs of a slab leak have been noticed, being able to further assess the situation will help determine if the services of a plumber are actually needed. After noticing warm spots in flooring, or unexplained moist areas within carpet, cracked tiles and even the sound of unseen running water, a homeowner can perform the following steps to further determine the presence of a slab leak:

  • Check the most recent water bills against previous ones. An undetected slab leak can cause a loss of 10,000 gallons of water in a single month; that extra usage is sure to show on a utility bill. 
  • Check the water meter readings. Turn off all water in the home and make sure that the toilet isn’t running. Locate the dial on your outdoor water meter, if it is moving, even after there is no possibility of water running in the home, it is a very good indication that a leak exists. Comparing number readings will also give a good indication of leaking. Check the numbers on the meter, wait an hour (during which make sure to use no water or flush any toilets) and check the numbers again. If they have gone up then you know that water is running somewhere and its probably under the foundation of your home.
  • Some water meters also have a leak detector. If you see a small black or white triangle or wheel that is spinning, it is telling you that you have a leak somewhere.

At Fives Aces Plumbing in Long Island, we are experts in leak detection and repair. We can help find that dreaded slab leak and repair it quickly with little damage to your home and your foundation. Long Island homeowners know that when it comes to plumbing services in Long Island, only Five Aces will do.

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