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Part 2 – Water Boilers – Plumbers in Long Island

Fixing and completely replacing a hot water boiler heater in our beautiful Long Island is something that our plumbers are more than intelligently and materially equipped to perform to perfection. They have all been through years of education and apprenticeship, which is why they are so effective and confident with what they do. When it comes to performing a complete extraction, installation and overall replacement of a hot water heater, our plumbers will get the job done by performing these tasks:

  • They’ll start by giving your malfunctioning hot water boiler a thorough examination and then appropriately attribute the problems at hand in their particular categories
  • After figuring out what the previous problem was, they will then go about offering you a new boiler for sale, in which they are incredibly low-priced when compared to their recommended retail values
  • Some piping and duct work will be done after your malfunctioning boiler has been taken out
  • Welding will happen where it needs to happen and the thorough examination of your connecting pipes and rods will take place while doing so
  • A safety inspection will happen before and after the complete replacement of your boiler
  • The repairing of any cracks in your piping that leads into your new boiler will be performed
  • A boiler tube replacement will happen if you need a new one
  • Refractory repairs can be done if needed and will be done in an expedient manner
  • The feedwater pumps and condensation pumps will be appropriately addressed and made sure that they are not going to cause any related damages with your new boiler

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