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Going Tankless in Long Island

As red-blooded American plumbers in Long Island, we get as excited as the next guy when we hear about people going tankless. Ok, maybe even more so… it’s kind of a thing with us. We love it when homeowners shed that cumbersome tank and decide to go tankless – with their water heater that is. We’ve seen the difference going tankless makes and most homeowners that we talk to prefer tankless after they are free of the giant water tank in their home. Here’s why:

  • They never worry about running out of hot water. In homes with multiple family members, a tankless water heater lets everyone take their shower or bath, run the dishwasher and do whatever they do without having to think about losing that precious heat.
  • They enjoy more square footage. When you install a tankless system, you free up the space used by that bulky water tank which allows you to utilize more of that utility room.
  • They have been able to reduce energy usage and save money. The monthly savings enjoyed by homeowners have been up to 40% off of their previous utility bill. A tankless water heater pays for itself in a matter of months, not years.
  • They are eco-friendly. Tankless water heaters have been shown to be about 30% more efficient than their 50-gallon tank counterparts. Saving not only money, but helping to save the environment too.
  • They don’t have to think about replacement again for years – if ever. The life-expectancy of a tankless water heater is almost double that of a traditional tank water heater, at 20 years, allowing you to invest very seldomly in your home’s hot water system.
  • They enjoy cleaner water. Water that has been sitting in a tank is full of sediment, water scales and even rust. Tankless systems avoid the need for stored water, making the water that comes from your faucet cleaner and safer to use.


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