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3 Sets of Questions – Long Island Gas Conversions

Here are 3 sets of important questions for you:

  1. Have you been having trouble with your coal-induced hot water-heating system as of late? Are you tired of having to shovel in loads of coal in order for your hot water heater to appropriately work? Are you sick and exhausted from the nastiness that coal encompasses?
  2. Do you still burn wood to keep your water hot in your home? Are you tired of all the hassles that wood-burning water heaters and furnaces entail? Are you exhausted with making trips to the nearest wood-log provider?
  3. Have you been having some malfunctioning problems with the way that your oil-based heating system is performing lately? Are you sick and tired of the way that your oil smells, looks, burns, and pollutes the atmosphere? Does just the thought of oil make you feel uncomfortable?

Well, whether the previous three sets of questions are applicable to your circumstances or not, our Long Island gas conversions will be the perfect way for you to start heating your water while being without fear of any hazardous elements and/or pathogens. Here are a few ways our Long Island gas conversions can be customized for your needs:

  • We will perform a gas pressure test in order to make sure that the one we’ve installed is working appropriately and safely
  • Our oil to gas conversion installations are some of the most advanced and aware installations on this island
  • We will remove your oil tank and/or coal burning furnace if needed
  • We will remove any of your oil or wood burning apparatuses

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